Same Day Crowns

assistant-w-toolsCEREC or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics is amazing 3-D technology that allows us to provide our patients with ceramic restorations in just one visit.  In other words we offer same day crowns!

In most cases, gone are the days of rubber impression material, wearing a temporary crown or bridge for weeks at a time, then coming back in to have a permanent restoration cemented in place. With this technology, we can prepare, design, mill and cement your crown or bridge in most cases, less than two hours, saving you time, hassling with temporaries and trips back in to see us.

You can be a part of every step and even watch your restoration come to life. Esthetics are beautiful and the strength of these restorations is the same as if a laboratory took 2 weeks to make it.

Ask us if CEREC is an option for you!